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Our Restaurant

The result of this collaboration is an exciting partnership.

Alexandre and Sebastien are the chefs behind this new project. The cousins have worked together for many years before finally deciding to create something of their own. Both highly-skilled chefs, originally trained in Dordogne, at one of the best catering schools of France. Food has always been part of their education from regional classics to high end gastronomy.

The cousins have blended their knowledge of French cuisine and hot smoke barbeque to create this authentic venture. Chunks of beef Brisket and a range of other succulent meats including pork, chicken, mutton, and homemade French Toulouse sausages.

All our meats are coated in homemade rubs before a slow cook in a traditional American ‘Ole Hickory smoker pit. the meat is smoked for up to 15hours creating a juicy and tender meat holding intense and bold smoky flavours.


At the Brisket and Barrel, we only use top quality meat from local farmers and butchers.





All our products are from people who believe that real traditions & time honoured methods recreate our heritage.

The following menu is only a sample. Our Menu which change regularly depending on season, the cuts of meat we can get and our mood.

Croissant inspired bun



smoked low and slow for 12H


home made sausage
Sweet St John


Jam or Nutella

All our salads are vegeterian



Cabbage and fennel coleslaw with spicy ginger and lime dressing
Potato Salad


New potato salad, mixed fresh herbs, yogurt
Salad of the Week


Announced weekly on our social media

Low and slow cooked up to 16 hours

Beef brisket


smoked low and slow for 12H
Pulled Pork


smoked low and slow for 16H
BRK + BRL Fennel Sausage, crafted by charts farm


smoked low and slow for 2H

Simple classics

Sweet & blue cheese


Oven roasted sweet potatoes with basil and blue cheese sauce


With bechamel and garlic
Burn End Baked Beans


Mix of beans with burnt ends

The drinks are carefully selected by our team. We offer a great variety of Wines, crafts beer, and spirits.

If you suffer from food allergy or intolerance, please let us know upon placing your order. To help, our easy to use guide covers the most common allergens as well as suitability for vegetarians or vegans.


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Opening and Contact

123 St Johns Hill, Sevenoaks TN13 3PE, Royaume-Uni

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday
11am - 10 pm

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01 732 453 934


For Events Catering contact: 07 568 099 866