Brisket & Barrel Deli Shop

 BRK + BRL Deli Shop - Sevenoaks, Kent

You’ll find a great selection of French cheeses and wines, a fine selection of beers, charcuterie and locally sourced products. Our already famous smoked sauces range will be available alongside local preserves and store cupboard staples...

Fancy a hot meal? We do lunch toasties featuring our smoked brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, grilled veggies, awesome cheeses... to take away. You can even add a portion of our heavenly good French fries.

Brisket and Barrel Deli

Deli Shop Opening Hours

Sunday - Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - Wednesday - 9am - 5pm

Thursday to Saturday - 9am - 10pm

Can't get to our store?
You can buy our famous smoked sauces and rubs online