Brisket & Barrel Restaurant

Brisket & Barrel Restaurant will return in the evenings on the 19th of August
Brisket & Barrell Restaurant is an original French Smokehouse based in Sevenoaks, Kent.


Brisket & Barrel Restaurant


 Thursday Burger night


St john’s - Smoked brisket, cheddar, brk+brl mayo, salad, croissant bun £10

Mac basto - Double cheddar, double Brisket, tomato, salad, brk+brl mayo £12

Le brie-sket - Brisket patty, tomato, brie, bacon, salad £12

Le poulet - Smoked chicken, yogurt harissa, cucumber £12

Ay muchacho - Chorizo, ketchup smoké, roquette, cheese £12

La vache qui rit - Pulled Brisket, beef tomato, cream cheese, pickles £12

Le veggie - Portobello mushroom, asparagus, cheese, chilli aioli £12

Le turf and turf - Snails, Brisket, roquette, bacon, aioli £12



French fries £3.5

Fennel and sesame seeds slaw £3.5

Cheesy chilli fries £5.5


Friday and Saturday 6pm-9pm


Smoked cashews & almonds   £2.5

 Nocellara green olives  £3.5

 Saucisson, sourdough bread and smoked butter  £5.5


Brisket and foie gras beef Bourguignon   £8.8

Grilled asparagus, duck egg Gribiche £7.5

Oak-smoked salmon, horseradish cream, sesame & crouton  £8.5

Brisket Terrine, Smoky pickled leeks   £7.5

Main course

The St John’s brisket burger, croissant bun £12

Turf and turf - brisket and snails with garlic butter   £15

 ½ free range chicken, cucumber coriander salsa with chilli mayo   £13.50

-Smoked duck leg, haricot beans, walnut   £12

Ox neck with Béarnaise sauce  £13.5


French Fries    £3.5

Cheesy chilli French fries   £5.5

Fennel and ginger coleslaw    £3.5

Mashed potatoes, Camembert   £5.5

Celeriac remoulade with black truffle    £4


Le vin by the glass

Le rouge: organic Bordeaux £5/7

Le blanc: organic Bordeaux £5/7

Le rosé: Tempranillo £5/7

Sparkling: Bergerac pet nat £8


La biere

Westerham beer

Helles bells £3/5

Hop rocket £3.1/5.5

If you fancy a bottle from the deli, there’s a £10 corkage on the wine and £2 on the beer and soft drink