Brisket & Barrel Restaurant

Brisket & Barrel Restaurant
Brisket & Barrell Restaurant is an original French Smokehouse based in Sevenoaks, Kent.
Opening Hours
Only the deli will remain opened until the 2nd of December.


Brisket and Barrel Famous Burger



Brisket and Barrel Autumn menu (restaurant closed during lockdown)

Our menu includes a choice of nibbles, starters, mains, sides and desserts. All barbecue inspired mixed with French cuisine.



Smoked cashews + almonds                                                                              £2.5

Nocellara green olives                                                                                         £3.5

Saucisson plate with olives, sourdough bread & butter                                          £6.5



Stuffed pork jalapenos, cheese and bacon croquettes                                         £8

Grilled purple-sprouting broccoli, Cantal cheese & duck egg                               £6

Mussels “marinieres”, double cream, fresh herbs                                                 £8

Smoked potted brisket rillette, cornichons & toasted sourdough                         £7

Hand-cured oak-smoked salmon, horseradish cream, sesame & crouton             £9



Slow-cooked, oak-smoked vegan cassoulet with butternut squash                   £11 

The St John’s brisket burger with heritage tomato, baby gem,                           £12

cheddar cheese, pickled gherkin, Brk&Brl mayo

12-hour flat-end, oak-smoked brisket, garlic butter & confit shallot                   £14

Smoked beetroot and wild mushroom, chilli sauce, pumpkin seed                    £11 

Slow-roast duck-leg confit on nutmeg-spiced creamed leeks                            £15

This week’s special:  Pls see the black board


Sides £3.50 each:       

Beef-dripping French fries              Smoked butternut squash

Celeriac & black truffle coleslaw           Brk&Brl Bbq beans     


Desserts £5 each

The Brisket and Barrel Madagascan vanilla crème brûlée

(please allow for a few minutes while we brûlée)

Rich chocolate mousse with smoked Maldon sea salt

Autumn Mess; with poached Victoria plums & strawberry meringue

Pyramide soft goat’s cheese; walnut and date crackers (+£2 supp)

Pouligny-Saint-Pierre is a French goats'-milk cheese made in the Indre department of central France, first made in the 18th century.


Dessert Booze (125ml measures)

Raymond Bossis Pineau blanc des Charentes £7

Pineau Blanc is a blend of three harvests made from Ugni Blanc and Montils grape varieties, it has a beautiful straw yellow colour, limpid and brilliant. Discreet on the nose with floral aromas, this Pineau remains young on the palate with nuances of fresh grapes and peach.


Domaine Seguela, Cuvee, Anaïs Muscat £8

Adorned with a golden colour, the Anaïs cuvée reveals aromas of fresh apricots which evolve towards notes of mint. The palate, very floral and lively, reveals scents of freshly picked Muscat.




Coffee by Otto’s (our local Kentish roaster)

Double espresso                           £2

   Americano                                     £2.5

Latte / Cappucino                         £3

   Peppermint tea                             £2.5