Smoky Ketchup 300g

Smoky Ketchup 300g

Brisket and barrel
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Exceptionally tasty ketchup with an original smoked flavour. This smoky ketchup sauce can be used for any dish. Dollop on meats, sausages or even cheese...

Smoky Ketchup
A tasty ketchup sauce with a delicious rich smoke flavour. Excellent as smoky ketchup or a smoked tomato sauce. An easy way to transform any meal with this gourmet ketchup. Give a generous dollop to meat, sausages, fries or even cheese!

Ketchup vs Sauce?
Technically speaking ketchup is a table sauce. However, some say that ketchup should never be heated, and a tomato sauce should never have vinegar or sugar? Well, whatever you prefer to call it we hope you enjoy our Smoky Ketchup Sauce!

Smoky Ketchup Recipes
Brisket and Barrel’s Reuben Sandwich & Smoky Salmon & Tomato Rillettes

Smoky Ketchup Ingredients:
Ingredients: Tomatoes (61%), white wine vinegar, golden syrup, mustard*, natural smoke flavouring, sugar, dehydrated onion, salt, dehydrated garlic*, spices.

*: allergens.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tessa bucknall Bucknall
Great sauce

Really versatile Tom sauce with Smokey depths and a hint of sharpness. Excellent to pep up all foods

Great tasting smokey ketchup

This ketchup is so much better than Heinz!

Peter MacKenzie

This, dear hearts, is the answer to all of your condiment needs! Just the right nuance of bitter, sweet, fruity joy to uplift any meal, particularly any overcharred lump of home cooked BBQ grub.

This ketchup will bring joy to your life..

Graham Hall
Fantastic ketchup

Our first jar disappeared far too fast!

This stuff is incredibly good.

Will be ordering more.

Yes please!

The smokiness in this ketchup is just awesome! I think I've found my new favorite bbq ingredient. Well done guys